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In East Africa and Uganda in particular, Sentrack has established itself again as the leading provider of solutions to vehicle tracking. Our vehicle tracking system user friendly and can facilitate at any one time, the establishment of the status and location of your vehicle, through your mobile phone, a computer or both.

Our Web based vehicle tracking system is capable of monitoring the status of the vehicle whether mobile or stationary, reporting on the speeds made, the directions taken, and the actual location of the vehicle using a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). All this information can be retrieved actively or historically. In a nutshell, the benefits accruable will be:

  • Enhanced vehicle & fleet monitoring, control and therefore resource utilisation
  • Independent Forensic Trail of Cash in Transit.
  • Reduced operating expenditure.
  • Low insurance premiums
  • Improved productivity & profitability
  • Guaranteed recovery of vehicle in case of theft.
  • Notification of vehicle abuse and misuse
  • Efficient value for money management and control of your vehicle fleet.


The Sentrack Systems is capable of notifying the user whether a particular vehicle is following a prescribed route, and on entering or leaving the area the system will notify the control room as well as the user.

What Problems Does The Sentrack Vehicle Tracking System Resolve?

  • The unauthorized use of vehicles.
  • Driver collusion for hijacking and theft.
  • Speeding fines.
  • Road carnage due to over speeding.
  • Vehicle recovery.
  • Vehicle location.

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Features of the Sentrack Vehicle Tracking System;
  1. Route Replays: The unit is capable of replaying the route that the vehicle took indicating the speed and direction followed. This data will he kept at the central sever for a period of 2 years.
  2. Number of Trips: - the unit will indicate the number of trips made by a vehicle in a selected period of time, each start and stop of a vehicle will be indicated as a trip and all the trips will be numbered
  3. Maximum allowed speed: - the unit can prompt the user by sending an SMS or through the internet to a computer when the maximum allowed speed is being violated.
  4. Panic Button if required, the unit has got a provision of a panic button which a driver can press to alert the administrators if there was any trouble.
  5. Vehicle Location in Real time: - As long as there is an internet connection, one will be able to see and locate any vehicle using the digital maps provided on our serve, being able to zoom in(up to street level) and out
  6. Driver Behaviour: - the unit can also generate reports about the driver productivity. Instances of excess idling, harsh brakes, engine on and off will be displayed.
  7. Trip reports: - can be created on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A simple mouse click will allow you to identify the journey type, making tax claims possible and the allocation of costs easy.
  8. Trip details:- can be accessed to show speed graphs as well as acceleration and braking trends. A monthly speed report can be drawn to display all events involving the vehicle exceeding a predefined speed. This report can be printed so a hard copy is available for filing or further action
  9. Fuel Levels: - our system is also capable of indicating to the user the fuel levels of your car as carefully matched with the reading of the fuel level reading from the gauge in the dash board.
  10. NO GSM Coverage: - in instances where there is no GSM coverage, our system will be able to communicate with the satellite and will record all the trip details on its onboard computer and the information will be downloaded through the server as soon as the unit picks GSM network.
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