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If you were looking for a house alarm system for your home or office premises, then your selection of Sentrack brought you to the right place. We supply and install both hardwire and wireless house alarm systems; we can make both systems very interactive for you to have a piece of mind by being able to know if your system is armed or not.

You can also get to know in the event your alarm went off, you can tell if there is power or not at home. Kindly note that we can help you to asses the type of alarm system that suits your needs, you only need to visit our sales office or drop us an email and you will be contacted in the shortest time possible.


Sentrack Uganda

Pepper Gas Canisters automatically emit Pepper Gas once intrusion is detected, they can be programmed to go off automatically or Remotely by a Cellphone sending an SMS to activate the Pepper Gas.
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Sentrack has added onto the security products list the Pepper Gas Spray that is a very good tool to deter crime in most of the targeted areas.
Here are a few environments where Pepper Gas has been installed as an added measure of security to protect assets:

  • Computer shops and companies with a lot of computers
  • Company server rooms and Government departments with server rooms that have sensitive information
  • Banks in various places such as ATM cubicles and safes
  • If cash is stored on site in a safe or other valuables in a safe
  • Diesel generators seem to be targets for criminals. They steal everything from the fuel to the copper and even strip the generator and sell the parts as spares. Most BTS sites (Cellphone towers) have diesel generators.
  • Jewellery stores
  • Any store or safe environment where weapons are stored and, or sold
  • Mines use Pepper Gas to protect precious minerals stores (Gold, diamonds, copper etc…). Mines that use explosives also use Pepper Gas to protect their explosive storerooms.
  • Military have installed Pepper Gas to protect their ammunition bunkers and other key sites
  • Police have installed Pepper Gas in the weapons rooms and where they hold sensitive information in storage.

If you already have an existing Alarm, we can still add a GSM Communicator to your alarm as well as a Pepper Gas Canister that you can control remotely in the event of intrusion by burglars. Please contact us for a Demo or watch our video at this link.

Contact us today for best solution on burglar. Do not be caught offguard!!!

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